About Us

A&S UNDERCARRIAGE CO., LTD. is an experienced and professional company specialized in providing  Undercarriages, Excavator Undercarriages, Bulldozer Undercarriages, Tracked Undercarriages, Steel Track Undercarriages and Rubber Track Undercarriages.

Our Undercarriage Range:
Tracked Undercarriages, Steel Track Undercarriage and Rubber Track Undercarriage;
Excavator Undercarriages, Bulldozer Undercarriages:

Undercarriage Assembly, Track Chains, Bottom Rollers, Top Rollers, Track Rollers, Front Idlers, Top Idlers, Sprockets, Idlers, Link Counter Bore, Link Rail, Master Pin, Bushing, Split Link, Track Seals, Track Shoes, Track Shoes Grousers, Track Frame, Rock Deflector, Belleville Washers, Rock Guards, Hydraulic Track Adjuster, Diagonal Braces, Equalizer Bars, Recoil Springs, Track Bolts & Nuts, etc.

The Brand of  Undercarriage Parts Supplied:
Berco Undercarriages, ITM Undercarriages, ITR Undercarriages, John Deere Undercarriages, CASE Undercarriages, Hitachi Undercarriages, Komatsu Undercarriages, Kubota Undercarriages, Caterpillar Undercarriages, Takeuchi Undercarriages, Hyundai Undercarriage Parts, Yanmar Undercarriages, Morooka Undercarriages, etc.

Our products are widely used in engineering machinery, ship industry, petroleum industry, mining industry, power industry, agriculture industry and environment management.

For application on excavators, bulldozers, loaders, harvesters, etc. with high efficiency and adaption to severe working condition.

Customized Solution:
We have many professional engineers devoting to design the track undercarriages to meet different customers requirements. With years of experience, we can take your concept from prototype to production. We are committed to meet your expectations and requirements for quality, reliability, and on-time delivery.

Our products have been exported to:
-Europe: UK, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden
-North America: USA, Canada
-South America: Brazil, Argentina
-Asia: Russia, Korea, India,
-Australia,Turkey, Middle East and other countries in the world.

If you are interested in our products, welcome to contact us.

Hot Products

  • 27/06
    Track Adjustment Procedures
    Track Adjustment Procedures Forwards: Incorrectly adjusted track can cost you money both in accelerated undercarriage wear and downtime. If the track is too tight damaging non-productive loads are placed on the undercarriage and its manual components,Tight track accelerates track wear and reduces
  • 3/12
    ​Specific Procedure For How To Fit Undercarriage Rubber Tracks
    Specific Procedure For How To Fit Undercarriage Rubber Tracks You got to start up with removal of existing track. Lift a side off the ground using jack. Procedure to loosen out mounted track is to pull back the idler after releasing track adjuster valve, fixed up in front side of machine.
  • 2/12
    ​The Great Advantages Of Buying Undercarriage Parts Online
    The Great Advantages Of Buying Undercarriage Parts Online With a wide range of the best manufacturing brands supplying undercarriage parts on the internet at great bargain deals, making an online transaction to meet your machinery needs is one of the smartest options available in today’s times.
  • 1/12
    ​Selecting High Quality Undercarriage Parts - But At Affordable
    Selecting High Quality Undercarriage Parts - But At Affordable Price It is now possible to find out the best undercarriage parts for your machine. Availability of Internet has made it possible for people to browse for high efficient missionary parts. The increasing demand for quality missionary
  • 21/11
    ​How To Maintain Undercarriage Rubber Tracks?
    How To Maintain Undercarriage Rubber Tracks Ways of maintaining your undercarriage Rubber tracks is basically a thought oriented systematic do's and don'ts. Mostly all machines are faithful as much as one cares to be a caring operator. In the same way, good maintenance of tracks will certainly